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Introduces a New Environmentally Responsible (Green) Technology
(Supported by UNE Biomist Carbon Offset Initiatives)

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Environmentally Responsible
 (Green) Carbon Offset Initiatives



U.S. Food and Drug
Registered as a
Medical Device


The goal of the UNEBiomist Carbon Offset’s is to meet or exceed the negative impact of the carbon produced in the manufacturing of the Biomist System and its anti pathogen formula. Implementing non-native, invasive plant removal and reforesting with appropriate Florida native trees and shrubs under the guidance of The Florida Native Plant Society will accomplish this goal. In addition, sustainable, environmentally sound “brick and mortar” projects may be funded for non-profit organizations using offset funding.

Our offsets will adhere to strict standards of administration, implementation and management under the stewardship of our Chief Environmental Officer. He has extensive experience implementing such programs and creating a just and verifiable program.

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